About the museum / 美術館について

This museum displays in one space all the 13 original works (1.5m wide and 1m long) from the photo book "To the Ocean of Silence" by the photographer Sayaka Takasaki. The book is a collection of Takasaki’s photographs taken during her solo traversal through the Japanese Alps. Since its release in 2016, the exhibition of the original photographs has traveled to Tokyo, Shizuoka, Osaka and others to commemorate its publication and has been introduced in newspapers and other media. While repeatedly living in the mountains and in the city, Takasaki feels that we, living in the midst of information overload, need a place to experience tranquility. Through conversations with the viewers she met after the publication, Takasaki gradually came to realize that her work could provide such tranquility to the people and began dreaming of a space surrounded by the works of her photo book "To the Ocean of Silence", where visitors could feel the tranquility and recover themselves.  A collector of her works who strongly sympathized with Takasaki's idea and founded this museum out of her own funds. It is the first and exceptional PHOTO MUSEUM that was born from the photo book "To the Ocean of Silence" works by Sayaka Takasaki.

Museum: PHOTO MUSEUM "To the Ocean of Silence" works by Sayaka Takasaki

Annex: PHOTO MUSEUM "To the Ocean of Silence" Annex works by Sayaka Takasaki (Approximately 20 recent works on display)


Location: Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture

By reservation only

Artist: Sayaka Takasaki

Honorary Director: Machiko Ogawa

Advisory Board: Fumio Nanjo, Seiichi Suzuki

Direction: Yoko Tamura

Cooperation: Gallery Ecrunomori

写真家・髙﨑紗弥香の写真集「沈黙の海へ」に収められている全作品13点(縦1m幅1.5m)が一つのスペースに展示されている美術館です。写真集「沈黙の海へ」は髙﨑が単独行で日本アルプスを縦断した際撮影した写真を収めたもので、2016年に発売されて以来東京、静岡、大阪などで巡回の出版記念の展覧会を行い、新聞等のメディアでも紹介されました。髙﨑は、山での生活と町での生活を繰り返す中で、自分を含む情報過多の中で生きる現代の人々に静けさを体感する場が必要であることを感じていました。出版を機に出会った鑑賞者との対話を通して、自身の作品が人に静けさをもたらすものであると実感した髙﨑は次第に、一つの夢を持つようになります。写真集「沈黙の海へ」の作品に囲まれたスペース、訪れる人が静けさを感じ自分を取り戻すような場が世界の地に生まれること。このミュージアムはその髙﨑の思いに強く共感したコレクター(当館館長)が私財を投じて設立したものです。初のPHOTO MUSEUM「沈黙の海へ」works by Sayaka Takasakiとなり、同時に世界でも稀有な「写真集から生まれた美術館」が誕生しました。

名称:PHOTO MUSEUM「沈黙の海へ」works by Sayaka Takasaki 

付帯施設:PHOTO MUSEUM「沈黙の海へ」別館 works by Sayaka Takasaki(近作紹介約20点)







About the Photobook写真集について


“To the ocean of silence”


I walked across the Japanese Alps, from the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean.

My satisfaction upon arrival was due to a state of serenity, an internal quiet.

It was as deep as the ocean, spreading gently beyond my internal boundaries.

My senses had been sharpened by the extended time in the mountains, and as I walked I felt grateful even to the smell of the woods.

Faced with the overwhelming beauty of nature in front of me, I had nothing to say but thank you –

To give thanks is a prayer, as well as a point of entry into the ocean of silence.

The world can change completely based on a single point of perception.


(Translated by Yosuke Tanaka and Sawako Nakayasu)

Photobook "To the Ocean of Silence"

First edition first print issue: November 25, 2016

Size: B4 deforming (279mm x 406mm), 32P, Bound (without cover, shrink package with belt)

Published: Adachi Press Co., Ltd.

Design: Seiichi Suzuki + Kazumi Iwata (Seiichi Suzuki Design Office)

Belt Text: Fumio Nanjo (Special Advisor to Mori Art Museum)

Printing / Binding: Tokyo Inshokan Co., Ltd.

Printing Direction: Noboru Takayanagi

Paper: Takeo Co., Ltd.










2016年11月25日 初版第1刷発行                      

B4変型判(279mm×406mm)、32P、上製 (カバーなし、帯+シュリンク)

プリンティング・ディレクション: 髙栁昇