Reservation / ご予約について

・The location is in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture (nearest station is Tamanoi Station on the Meitetsu Bisai Line).

・Since the museum is located in a private property, details will be provided after the booking.

・There are 2 parking lots available.

・Admission is free. (We ask for voluntary donations to maintain the museum.)


In order to provide you with a quiet and relaxing experience, we have a one-hour turnover system for each group (please note that in some cases you may be in the same time as other people).                             

Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your preferred date and time since the museum is located in a private property.


After checking the status of reservations, you will receive a confirmation email from GALLERY Ecrunomori with a PDF file of a map of the museum.

Please note that there may be delays due to temporary closures of the gallery. If you do not receive a reply within a week, please contact the gallery.

Also, if you wish to cancel your reservation, please let us know.









・ご希望のお日にちと時間帯 ①11:00〜12:00 ②13:00〜14:00 ③14:00〜15:00 ④15:00〜16:00




静かにゆっくりと見て頂きたいという思いから、お時間は1組ずつ1時間の入れ替え制となっています。(場合によっては他の方と同時間帯の場合もあることをご承知下さい。)また、 個人宅の敷地内となりますので、ご希望の日時に添えない場合もありますことをご了承下さい。





Reservation form / 予約フォーム

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